Projection - 36mm
 Height - 127mm
 Wing Length- 36mm
 Material Gauge - 0.9mm
 European Standard/ETA - ETAG015 (ETA13/0802)
 Test Standard - ETAG015/TR016
 Galvanized Mild Steel DX51D+Z275 to EN10346:2015
 275g/m² Zinc Coating
 Declared Shear Capacity - 6.4kN (ULS) Shear per pair
 Fire Rating - Euroclass A1
 Fixing Hole Dimensions - 3.8mm
 Fixing Type - 3.75 x 30mm Square Twisted Sherardized/Galvanised Nails
 All timber facing nail holes must be filled.
 Always use in pairs to avoid eccentric loading.

Universal Framing Anchor

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