Unleaded Inter-loc Horizontal Cavity Trays for New Build and Existing Walls. Unleaded preformed horizontal cavity tray system, including corner and stop end units, suitable for new build and existing brick, block and stonework constructions. Featuring integral interlocking lapped joints to securely join cavity tray lengths together and create a watertight run which eliminates the requirement of additional tray jointing adhesives (taping etc) on site. For external wall constructions not exceeding 102.5mm in thickness and clear cavity widths of between 50mm and 125mm 2 standard brick length (450mm) for making up a run to the required length. Preformed horizontal cavity trays provide protection from water penetrating the external wall leaf of a cavity wall down through to the internal wall leaf in specific vulnerable areas across the building such as: - the abutment of a flat, lean to or mono-pitched roof - over concrete ring beams - over building components that can act as a through cavity carrier such as air bricks, metre boxes, ducts and cavity liners. Preformed cavity tray systems are an effective method of DPC and present many benefits such reliability, speed of installation, reduced cold bridging opportunity and site waste.


Features & Benefits:

Tough and stable DPC method

Suitable for brick, block and stonework constructions

To fit clear cavity widths of between 50-125mm

Can be time, labour and material saving

Cold bridging opportunities reduced

Generally doesn't require cutting into insulation

150mm high back upstand exceeds NHBC requirements

Interlocking tray joining system eliminates additional joining adhesives

Allows inner and outer wall leafs to be built independently if required

Doesn't degrade over time or under high loads

Isn't affected by temperatures

Rigid construction that won't collapse into cavity




External cavity walls abutting flat, lean to or mono pitched roofs (and when lead flashings will be fitted independently to the trays) such as: - attached outbuildings and garages - conservatory and extensions - porches and bay windows - attached buildings with different roof lines. Over concrete ring beams or slabs and components that can act as through cavity water carriers such as: - air bricks and cavity sleeves - ducts - meter boxes. For external cavity walls built from standard brick, block and stonework: - not exceeding 102.5mm thickness - with clear cavity widths of between 50-125mm


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