Expanded wing reinforces plaster to prevent cracking
Provides a straight edge and protects plaster edges from damage
Can easily be cut to size using tin-snips or aviation cutters
European Standard/ETA - BS EN13658-1:2005
Galvanized Mild Steel DX51D+Z275 to EN10346:2015
275g/m� Zinc Coating
56mm Wing length
10mm Plaster Depth
Material Guage - 0.4mm
Individual Weight - 0.339kg
Fire Rating - Reaction to fire: Class A1
Fixing Type - Plaster/Grab Adhesive/Nails/Staples
Fix at intervals not exceeding 600mm
Beads may be wire tied to the face of metal lathing backgrounds
Avoid damage to beads when trowelling. Do not use abrasives to clean beads.

Stop Bead - 13mm x 2.4m

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