Provides a straight edge and protects render edges from damage.Expanded wing reinforces render to prevent cracking - Supplied in 3m lengths and can easily be cut to size using tin-snips or aviation cutters - Undercut 'bellcast' profile to shed rainwater at base of wall - Fixing Type - Stainless Clout Nails/Stainless Screws+Washers/Render dabs/External Grab Adhesive. Fix at intervals not exceeding 600mm - Not suitable for exposed coastal locations or corrosive environments or for use with gypsum-based plasters

Stainless Steel External Render Stop Bead 3.0mtr Bellcast

SKU: 15251007


Material: Stainless Steel to BS EN10088:2014

Coating/Finish/Colour: 275g/m2 Zinc

Length: 3000mm - Width: 58mm

Wing length - Render depth: 16-20mm

Material Gauge: 0.4mm