This drainage crate is a unique hi-strength, low weight, storm water gathering system designed to create a solution for water infiltration and exfiltration in line with SuDS applications. Theproduct offers a 100 year storm and flood modelling risk assessment solution.
It is high void, heavy duty-load bearing and extremely strong, with virtually no vertical, lateral or diagonal rock. This all makes for a completed tank which is not just functional but it will also withstand the rigours of site construction and long term post completion load trafficking.
Its dynamic design incorporates angulated ribs with radial support cones encased in a vertical and horizontal mesh frame.This all results in a super strong cage which is robust enough to take the heaviest traffic loading i.e. 20 to 100 tonnes / m�.

Soakaway Crate 1000 x 1000 x 400mm 380L Capacity

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