See images for load table


Designed to support:

Masonry loads

Uniformly distributed timber floor loads

Uniformly distributed roof loads

Concrete floor loads

Attic truss loads

Point loads: compound trusses, steel beams, etc


The loading figures published in the loadspan tables represent the Uniform Distributed Serviceable Load (UDL) in kN/m which can be supported by the lintel without the provision of structural brickwork/blockwork over. This is known as Independent Design. Lintel lengths shown greyed out within the load-span table are available in longer lengths than the maximum clear span would normally allow. These longer lengths lintels should be used over a series of openings (with intermediate supports) NOT exceeding the maximum clear span and NOT simply supported at each end (i.e. all 65mm deep lintels must not clear span more than 1800mm).

Pre-Stressed Concrete Lintel 100mm x 215mm - Various Lengths