Versatile, lightweight easy to install base board Cembrit PB is lightweight and easy to cut and lift. Mechanical cutting is not required. Reinforced, tapered edges facilitate butt jointed fixing for a stable, crack free base making Cembrit PB popular for external decorative rendering, brick slips or stone slip cladding. Cembrit PB can also be used as an element within internal fire rated partition walls and ceilings. Reinforced, lightweight, water-resistant cement board with tapered edges to facilitate invisibly butt joint installation. Ideal for use on external applications, such as rendering, brick slips or stone cladding. Composition Rigid cement and aggregate board incorporating polystyrene beads. Reinforced tapered edges designed for butt jointing. Flat surfaces of the board strengthened with glass mesh.


Appearance: Dark grey flat surfaces with grid texture indicating the presence of strengthening mesh. Tapered edges with lighter grey cement colour. Installation: Easy to lift and work. Unlike other cementitious or calcium silicate boards no specialist blades or fixings required. Easily cut by scribing and breaking. Cut edges are generally clean and do not require sanding. No need for mechanical cutting tools, or dust extraction equipment. Can be nailed or screw fixed close to reinforced tapered edges. Can be used in fire-rated internal wall partition assemblies.

Permabase Render Carrier Board - 2400mm x 1200mm x 12.5mm

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