WC Spigot outside diameter : 108mm- 114mm - Soil pipe inside diameter: 99-105mm
Multikwik WC Connectors are manufactured from EVA ensuring it remains flexible past the point of installation - ideal for tolerating movement and WC load bearing pressures - All Multikwik Fins have been designed to be multi depth - to give tolerance on connection to pipe � if you compare to other manufacturers the fin depth is smaller and therefore offers less security in connection. - WC Finns are made from a High Quality thermoplastic elastomer - a high performance synthetic rubber, other cheaper rubber alternatives may erode/crack. - By its nature EVA has a good gripping quality, to help ensure a firm watertight connection. - Multikwik WC connectors are supplied with a sachet of lubricant (with the exception of adjustable and rigid connectors) - they only use high quality components, and are considered the best on the market. Beware of inferior counterfeit products. By purchasing from a reputable supplier you can be sure of a genuine, reliable 'fit and forget' product. All WC connectors are made to fit pans conforming to BS5503 and BS5504 including ones with bosses.

MK01 Hunter Multikwik Offset Connector for old BS1213 Pans

SKU: 22007000