Micafil Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral expanded at high temperature to produce aerated particles - 90% air by volume. The free running properties of Vermiculite make it simple to install. Poured straight from the bag, it simply flows into and over all potential heat loss areas covering the whole loft floor with a continuous heat trapping carpet of insulation.
Completely fireproof, non-irritant and fibre-free, ultra-lightweight Micafil is used in so many ways. Free flowing and easy to install, it is ideal for thermal and acoustic insulation in lofts, between floors, interior cavity walls and for pipe protection.
Mix Micafil with cement to form lightweight concrete for insulating roof and floor screeds and for thermal insulation behind back-boilers, between chimney flues and linings and around pipe work.

Micafil Vermiculite 100 litre

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