The original London brick

High quality facing brick

Can be recycled at the end of their use

Contribute to thermal mass

390 Bricks per pack

LBC Chiltern Facing Brick 390 Bricks per pack

SKU: 13251070

BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing certification


Manufactured to BS EN 771-1

Width: 215 mm Height: 65 mm Depth: 102.5 mm

Compressive Strength: 25 N/mm² 

 Layer: 0.51

Configuration: Frogged 15-20% voids

Dimensional Tolerance Mean: T2

Dimensional Tolerance Range: R1

Dry Weight: 1.95 kg

Durability Rating: F1

Soluable Salts: S2

Water Absorption: 23 %

Manufacture Type: Pressed

Textures: Light Texture

Factory: Whittlesey