The nuisance caused by birds, small animals and leaves entering the chimney can be resolved by fitting this cowl.
Fitted with a multifuel birdguard which allows the cowl to be used for gas and oil as well as seasoned wood
- Supplied fully assembled
- Fits chimneys up to 250mm in diameter
- Gas bird guard complies with BS5871:2005 
- Test certificate to BSEN 16475-7:2016
- Stops birds becoming trapped behind gas fire back panels
- Rain cap reduces rain entry, preventing structural damage caused by freeze thaw
- Includes stainless steel hose clip
- Painted in a highly durable terracotta powder coat finish
- The Junior Multifuel Birdguard Terracotta cannot be used with smokeless fuel. It is recommended using the Junior Birdguard Stainless Steel when in use with more corrosive fuels such as smokeless fuel

Junior Multi-Fuel Birdguard

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