Wrap Over (adjustable) joist hanger with adjustable fixing straps to suit multiple joist depths 275g/m2 Gavanized Coating Lightweight Covered by a European Technical Approval ETAG015 (ETA13/0803) Test Standard ETAG015/TR016 Galvanized Mild Steel DX51D+Z275 to EN10346:2015 Coating/Finish/Colour - 275g/m2 Zinc Coating Projection - 50mm Shoe Height - 262mm Wing Length - 75mm Joist Width Max joist height 225mm Material Gauge - 0.9mm Declared Loadbearing Capacity - 7.1kN (ULS) Fire Rating - Euroclass A1 Fixing Hole Dimensions - 3.8mm Fixing Type - 3.75 x 30mm Square Twisted Sherardized/Galvanised Nails Fix using all nail holes to achieve stated loads. Ensure hanger is the correct size for joist. Any slack to be packed. Joists are to be cut square with a gap not exceeding 6mm from the rear of the hanger. Straps must be folded over supporting timber and fixed with holes provided. Do not shorten or modify straps. Ensure floor has suitable noggins/strutting as required before applying load.

Joist Hanger Standard Leg 75mm

SKU: 20001062