A highly flexible polymeric sheet material, used within masonry walls to prevent the passage of moisture from the ground and at all levels as cavity trays to prevent the downward movement of water. The product also offers low permeability to hazardous ground gases such as radon, carbon dioxide and methane, when used as part of a designed ground gas protection system.
- Under normal working conditions, the DPC material will remain effective for the design life of the masonry structure
- Superior flexibility
- Low permeability to hazardous ground gases
- Complete range of system components and preformed cloaks
- BBA approved (No. 95/3133) and CE marked to EN 14909:2012
Product Details
Colour - Black
Nominal Thickness - 0.9mm
Weight - 1.2kg/m2
Roll Length - 20m

High Performance DPC 20m Roll - 100mm

SKU: 14251020