Various fixing hole sizes for convenience
 European Standard/ETA - ETAG015 (ETA13/0804)
 Test Standard - TAG015/TR016
 Galvanized Mild Steel S250GD+Z275 to EN10346:2015
 275g/m² Zinc Coating
 Width/Wing Length - 59mm
 Material Gauge - 2.0mm
 Individual Weight - 0.1422kg
 Declared Loadbearing Capacity - Per Pair: F1 Uplift (ULS) 2.79kN
 Fire Rating - Euroclass A1
 Fixing Hole Dimensions - 4mm (16) 9mm (4) 11mm (1) 11x30 Slot (1)
 Fixing Type - Use 3.75x30 Square Twisted Nails to achieve stated loads, otherwise as suitable for substrate and hole size
 Brackets must be used in pairs to prevent eccentric loading

Heavy Duty Angle Bracket 90mm x 90mm x 63mm

SKU: 20001005