Specification & Key Features
- Compliant to British Standard BS 8499: 2009.
- Fire retardant to BS 476, Part. 7, 1997, Class 2.
- Constructed from GRP � Glass Reinforced Plastic.
- Suitable for all meters including prepay and smart.
- Will not corrode, weather resistant.
- Easily cleaned and can be painted.
- Complete with MK2 back plates, hinges, lock and key.
- 3 part box (Door, box and back)
1. Back plate must be removed prior to installation and fixed to the wall.
2. Box should be fitted so that it is level with its base, ideally 500mm and 1500mm from the finished level
3. Using the back plate for reference, mark thefixing holes on the wall, box must be level. Drill and plug the wall.
4. Secure box to the wall. Full fitting instructions are supplied with the meter box.
- 510mm high x 408mm wide x 242mm deep.
- Door opening from right to left (left hand hinge).

Gas Meter Box UK Standard mark 2 Surface-Mounted - White GBP0002

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