A timber door stop can be used within door frames to enable a door to come to a close whilst also adding some decorative styling
The door stop has a rounded and squared profile which adds a distinct style whilst being practical
Pine can be easily installed using adhesive, screws or pins depending on the size of the product and the end use
Door drips go well with doors of a similar or exact timber and finish for a consistent look
All of our mouldings are made to exact measures under strict quality guidelines
Pine products are made using a lightweight, straight grained softwood which is easy to work with. Due to its strength, elasticity and relatively low cost, pine is a popular choice to be used in a variety of projects.
To finish off pine, lightly sand before applying wood stain, varnish or a lacquer
A contemporary option for framing and finishing door surrounds. Suitable for use on internal doors. An ideal way of updating and refreshing doors throughout the home.

Door stop 34mm x 12mmmm x 2.4m Pine

SKU: 27752542