Defender�s most popular transformer can be used with corded products such as SDS drills, small demolition hammers, bench grinders, 4.5 inch angle grinders, jigsaw�s and circular saws. Additionally suited for lighting products, industrial fans, dehumidifiers and fume extractors.
Features and Benefits
- Intermittent rating of 3000W - duty cycle 5 mins on / 15 mins off
- Continuous rating of 1650W
- Made and tested in the UK for reliability and durability
- Fitted with 240V 13A plug
- Centre tapped to earth for extra safety
Voltage - 110V
Outlets	 - 2x 16A
Cable - 1.8M, 1.5mm, 3 Core - H07-RNF
Weight - 18KG
Standard - BSEN 61558-1

Defender 3kVA Transformer 2 x 16A IP44 Outlets 110v

SKU: 15706015