Flexible installation with full width and height adjustment
The Multikwik traps range has been created with and by plumbers to ensure all the typical installations and installer preferences can be met. For a fuss free 'no call back' installation we ensure... - Our compression nuts have been designed to be easily hand tightened and the connection is compatible with most plumbing pipe size and materials. - We only use high quality components including, but not limited to our compression nuts, slip ring and EPDM profiled rubber seal � these all ensure a secure watertight joint. - All traps have been designed to have smooth, clean, internal surfaces that will facilitate self-cleaning and avoid debris build-up. - We try to design our products to save you time on site, so all our traps have unique slip ring colours to aid size identification: Blue 32mm Red 40mm White 50mm

DBK040S Hunter Multikwik 40mm Double Bowl Kit with Single Nozzle

SKU: 22007120