Efficient strip type eaves ventilators (primary vent) for use on roofs where the eaves incorporate a soffit board of between 6 and 9mm in thickness:


1138 provides ventilation equivalent to a continuous 25mm opening (25,000mm² per metre run) to ventilate pitched roofs of less than 15 degree, flat roofs or any roof space where living accommodation is contained within the roof space. Ventilation must be provided for the full length of the eaves and along both sides of the building to create cross flow ventilation action. Supplied in lengths of 2.4m and available in a variety of colours.


Features & Benefits - Efficient, unobtrusive and easy to fit - 4mm wide slots comply with BS 5250:2011 - Durable and totally resistant to decay - UV stabilised and colourfast

Continuous Soffit Vent Type C 10mm Airflow Black 2440mm

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