For use in any situation where water must be discharged from any external wall built from brick, block or stonework of 100mm or more in thickness e.g.:
- At ground level floor slab level
- Within cavity tray and other DPC systems
- Over external lintels
- Where a cavity must be ventilated.
Robust material with a long product life
Less prone to inadvertent pointing-up than weep holes from by leaving the perp. joint open
Available in a range of colours to blend with masonry and mortar colour
Fascia constructions prevent the entry of large nest building insects
Universal weep extension unit (+50mm) compatible with 1143
Manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene
Retrospective/refurb wall weep vents/ drill vents DV1, DV2 and DV3
Equivalent area of 198mm2
Circular design allows efficient ventilaition
Easy and quick to install
Intregral front grille prevents evntry of large nest building insects into the cavity
143 wall weep vents provide a free airflow area of 165mm� per unit

Cavity Wall Weep Vent Red 1143

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