YBS BreatherQuilt is a high performing Agrement Certified insulating multi-foil offering both thermal properties, along with a highly effective breathable membrane which is both water resistant and vapour permeable. Designed to replace the need for a stand alone breather membrane, whilst offering a high level of thermal performance, the unique layer composition of BreatherQuilt effectively deals with condensation and all forms of energy transfer. Flexible and easy to install this high quality insulation provides a sustainable approach to thermal and breathable insulation.


Suitable for use in pitched roofs, BreatherQuilt now includes a built in double-sided tape for ease of installation. This product is suitable for pitched roofs and offers the following major benefits:


  • Dual purpose 2-in-1 insulating and breathable roofing membrane
  • Removes the risk of condensation
  • Effectively reflects heat back into the room, whilst allowing moisture to pass through
  • Low vapour resistant breather membrane (LR)
  • Waterproof outer membrane with Class W1, can be left exposed for up to four weeks
  • Zero fibres removes the need for PPE
  • Unique overlapping method, totally removes the risk of thermal bridging
  • Now includes built-in easy peel double sided tape for ease of installation


BreatherQuilt has been independently tested and certified to the latest Industry Standards, including BDA Kiwa certificate of Agr?ment and is accepted by NHBC.

BreatherQuilt Insulating Breather Membrane 1.2m x 10m Roll

SKU: 16752010